A little about me!

Although my clients tell me that I am, I don’t profess to be ‘psychic’; my belief is in the cards and that I am just the messenger.  I’m afraid you won’t see me dressed as Gypsy Rose Lee! and I don’t believe in giving people ideas to worry about but I can assure you I’m friendly, approachable, welcoming and uplifting.

I am generally readily available for personal or email readings and whilst I am not a medium, I can put you in touch with someone if that’s the type of reading you require.

I have seen Ruby for several readings over the past two years and she is amazing. Her readings are accurate and she interprets the cards as if she has known you for years. I would recommend her without hesitation, in fact, I have, many times.

About Ruby

Since the age of 9, when I cut a set of Tarot cards out of ‘Jackie’ Magazine and stuck them all onto cardboard, I have been fascinated by the magical appeal of Tarot.

At the age of 26, I was lucky enough to be invited to learn all about Tarot and how to read the cards with a magnificent group of spiritual mediums, giving me the confidence to forge my own way forward in my art.

For many years I read for friends and fundraising events and as I grew in confidence, my dream plan of ‘Ruby Tarot’ became a reality.


I’ve been lucky enough to trade for 3 seasons within the Butlins complex at Bognor Regis, offered Tea and Tarot afternoons in many cafés in Hampshire, helped with fundraising at pre-school and charity events and have met so many lovely people that come for readings at my home, many of whom return regularly and feel more like family!

With a growing audience outside of my home area, I have leapt into the 21st century (quite an achievement for me!) and now offer email and telephone readings whilst still managing to keep the personal approach of a face-to-face reading

Whichever route you are interested in, take a look at the reviews to see how others have interpreted their experience, and that will hopefully help you to choose the best way forward.

Some frequently asked questions:

What if the Death card comes out?

For me, the Death card doesn’t mean the death of a person, more of a transformation of a significant part of your life, and my way of describing this card is that of a rose bush in your garden – in the winter it goes all yellow and spotty and so you are  meant to trim all this dead wood out of the bush, wondering all the time if you have killed it!!  In the springtime, the rose bush blossoms bigger and brighter than ever before – therefore signifying this will be the outcome of your situation.

Will you give me bad news?

Tricky question!! Sometimes a new baby will appear in a reading and it could be the most fantastic news for that person, but equally it could be devastating news – so how do we define bad news?  The only thing I can promise you is that I don’t speak of serious illness or death (I’m not a doctor!) and I will always read your cards with a view to being positive and uplifting. 

Of course, life isn’t always a bowl of cherries and if your cards are on the gloomy side I can’t change that, but I will always look for the positivity in any reading and hopefully get my words across in a caring and compassionate way.

What areas do you cover for events?

Mainly Hampshire, but always get in touch to ask as there may be options open to us both

I want a message from a relative that has passed to spirit world – can you help?

Whilst I use my clairsentient and psychic abilities to interpret the cards, I’m not a spiritual medium and so am unable to promise any messages from spirit world.  However, I do have a few contacts that I can recommend and these will be people that I trust, so always get in touch if you need more information.

How far forward do your readings go?

My general feeling is that life is quite complicated enough TODAY without going years ahead to the future and so I have designed my own readings to travel approximately a year backwards and 6 months forward. Sometimes, this timing is very fluid but mostly it is directed to be near future as opposed to the rest of your life time.