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Everyone asks – how on earth can you read someone’s cards from an email?  Is it really possible?  I gave this a lot of thought before embarking on a trial and decided the best way of making this as personal as possible was to ask the client to choose numbers from 1-78 as there are 78 cards in my pack. 

I then sit for a moment shuffling the cards thinking about the name in front of me (quite entertaining as some of you have very unusual email addresses!) and then count through the cards using the numbers they have chosen. 

I can then write their reading down from the cards in front of me.  I have found this to prove a rather successful way of providing email readings and you can see what clients think from the comments.

Choose from:

£10 – a 3 card answer to your question – choose 3 numbers between 1-78 and tell me your question. 

£15 – Full 11 card Celtic Cross reading covering past, present, near future, personality, how others perceive you, hopes and wishes – choose 11 numbers between 1-78

£12.50 – 6 month-by-month reading – choose a card number between 1-78 for each of the next 6 months plus one extra for an overall outlook

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