Telephone Readings

I know that personal readings aren’t always a possibility due to location, time or circumstances and so a telephone reading may be a very good alternative choice for you.

I will read from the Celtic Cross laying down of cards and we get to hear each other’s voices which helps with the overall communication.  You also have the opportunity to ask questions and actually take part in the reading which isn’t possible with an email reading, along with the advantage of calling from a location that suits you.

Having worked for a short while at a telephone ‘psychic’ line company, I want to offer you a fixed fee rather than a minute by minute premium rate charging structure – that way you know what the cost will be from the start.  I can’t always offer an immediate response but I will always speak with you as soon as I possibly can within my trading hours.

Choose from:

By paying a set fee for a 45 minute reading, you will avoid the premium rate charges of other Tarot companies!

£40 – once payment is received, I will contact you by email to arrange a time that suits you for your 45 minute telephone reading.  You will have a choice of ringing my landline (local rate) or by WhatsApp (no premium rates).  If we do go over the 45 minutes there is no extra charge.

A gift voucher option is also available by selecting it from the drop-down menu below.

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