WhatsApp Video Reading

Just want to say thank you for your reading. Very accurate, made me have a rethink about my life. A previous reading about a year ago was accurate, especially in the way Ruby's interpretation of the cards. Things happened which she mentioned and I was very sceptical about, they occurred, quite thought provoking.
Ruby is welcoming, easy to listen to and I went away from the video reading feeling excited about my future.


Reading given with warmth

I've had multiple tarot readings from Ruby, both in person and via email. The in person reading was spookily accurate. I was going through a rough time at work and she predicted a shift of personnel within my team. Soon after the reading one of my colleagues, who'd been bullying me, took a demotion- almost instantly improving my situation and mental health. Since then I've had some email readings just to get a sense of things that are shifting and what to be mindful of. Ruby has a very special way of communicating with warmth and care which I really value and highly recommend her for anyone considering getting a tarot reading.

Kim, Somerset, UK

WhatsApp and In-person Readings

I have had several readings from Ruby all at times in my life when I felt I needed a bit of insight in to things that were happening. Ruby is full of life, very kind and has always been absolutely spot on in knowing what’s going on in my life without me saying a thing! It’s amazing!
Many of her predictions have come true as well.
I always leave feeling happy and much more settled and more ready to face life.
I have seen Ruby in person and via video. Both worked perfectly well for me.
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ruby and have done so to several friends who have also gone on to have readings.

HW, Newbury, UK

Friendly service

I have had numerous readings with Ruby over the last 6 years and had met her before then when she did a fab reading for a friend. My life has been quite the journey in this time and it feels like Ruby has accompanied me on it. She is funny, kind and honest with the cards in front of her. This has helped reassure me enormously and also guided me with what was coming next. There’s been some real ‘no way’ moments predicted but sure enough, they all showed up. I’m truly grateful for the friendship and support in every reading plus the giggles along the way. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ruby Tarot and I look forward to my next instalment!

OM, Hampshire

Highly recommend!

I have had many many readings over the years, I’m also extremely intuitive myself. I booked an appointment based on the good reputation. I am completely blown away by the accuracy. I’d go as far to say this was one if the best tarot readings I’ve ever had and I’ve had ALOT! I will be rebooking in a few months.
Thank you Ruby Tarot for the accurate and insightful reading. You're a very gifted lady.


I was feeling lost...

I went to see Ruby when I was feeling letdown and lost with the world around me. With the tarot reading she gave I was able to reflect on how far I have come, how much I have achieved and the potential opportunities coming my way. She was very accurate with the Celtic Cross and the 6mth reading with all of what she said coming into fruition! Along with phenomenal accuracy she also radiated patience and compassion that allowed me to feel welcome in her home. I have recommended friends and family go and see her and am very much looking forward to returning.


Not just for girls!

I just wanted to say thank you very much for today's reading. I cant tell you how much it has helped me. From the moment I stepped in the door you made me feel very welcome and you had a very warm friendly energy that just made me feel at ease.

As for the reading it was amazing, I was truly amazed at how the cards picked out the key themes in my life despite it being very complex! It has certainly made me feel more confirmed that I am on the right path and have made the right decisions despite the toughness of the outcome at this time. It has given me some hope that this state is only temporary and the good times are going to be just around the corner. It has also given me some much needed clarity and reassurance that I am a good person and I am despite my insecurities stronger than I think. I cant thank you enough for the sensitivity and kindness that you approached the whole reading which certainly made the whole experience more relaxing as I was getting quite emotional at times.

I will keep in touch and wouldnt hesitate to book in another reading (yes despite the distance) when the waters are more calm and hopefully the reading and the circumstances surrounding my life will be a bit more settled and happier.

Mr W

In-person Reading

Brilliant reading from Ruby Tarot. I needed to make some big decisions about a relationship and needed some guidance. I saw Ruby Tarot in person and didn’t come away disappointed. She was very intuitive and the reading was astounding. Gave me the confidence to take some steps that I may not have taken and turned out to be the right ones.
I live locally in Gosport so easy to access Ruby Tarot. Will definitely be back. Thank you

BC, Gosport, Hampshire, UK


*Excellent homely location/setting, just the right amount of people attending the workshop.
*Pace of learning was very good.
*Course quality was very good.
*I enjoyed the workshop so much more than I expected.
*Ruby's knowledge and encouragement was positive and made the whole experience enjoyable.
*Lunch was very nice!
*Really enjoyed being able to practice reading for each other at the end of the workshop.
*Good value for a whole day's workshop and lunch

Various comments from feedback form

Regular Client

I always highly recommend Ruby Tarot.
I have been seeing her for tarot readings at least twice a year for 7 years now.
It’s always enlightening and extraordinary how insightful these readings are. Sometimes, I’ve thought no way.. then lo and behold the cards and her interpretation have been spot on.
I always regret not recording them but I take them as a guide and a comfort.
I look forward to my next one.

Annie, Hampshire, UK

Relationship and Home Readings

I wanted a reading recently about my love life and needed some guidance on the relationship I was in. I chose you as I could see you had brilliant reviews online. I thought you answered my question fully and in detail. It was true what the cards revealed and made complete sense. The 2 other email readings I had previously were all correct. One was in regards to moving house and a mortgage this was all spot on. You gave me a positive answer with lots of information. You were extremely fast with the reading by email and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you and use your service again.

KB, Manchester, UK

Email readings

I have had 2 email readings by Ruby and both have been spot on.
I had the 6 monthly one done each time and both have been eye opening and uncannily accurate. I found the readings put me more at ease in my situation and helped me think clearer. I was also told about my granddaughter before we knew about the pregnancy which was a wonderful revelation at a difficult time.
I was unsure if a reading over email would be worthwhile but it was absolutely perfect.
I trust Ruby and trust her integrity.

Bridgette, UK

Absolutely fantastic readings I’ve now had 2 and both been spot on and has been with everyone else I’ve spoken to that have had readings.
Highly recommend for a great evening with friends and family! Will have another in 6 months!

Brogan, Southampton

After being in a place of uncertainty I contacted Ruby to request a reading and was asked to provide some numbers. I was a bit sceptical at first as this was the first time I had been down the route of seeking spiritual help. And numbers, what was that about! I gave the first 5 numbers that came into my head and an email came back almost straight away with a reading which again I treated with scepticism. Over the next few weeks everything, I mean everything, fell into place and came to fruition. I don’t know how Ruby does it but she has the knack and vision to see things I never thought anyone could. Would I recommend Ruby to friends and family… definitely. Thank you Ruby for helping me believe in me.


I just wanted to say how much you helped me while a lay in a hospital bed not being able to see my newborn daughter because we were both too poorly to be with each other. You really did bring a tear to my eye and still do whenever I go back on Facebook and read the message which I will keep forever. You were spot on with your words, I will be forever grateful that you randomly chose to pick a card for me and give me great advice. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


I had my first reading on Friday. It was overwhelming how Ruby had my life mapped out. She was on point and had me to a tee. I am so glad I saw Ruby because she has given me focus and a sense of direction on what I need to do and where I need to go in life. Ruby is so lovely and has compassion with these cards, my whole experience was just amazing and I will definitely be back.


I have seen Ruby for several readings over the past two years and she is amazing. Her readings are accurate and she interprets the cards as if she has known you for years. I would recommend her without hesitation, in fact, I have, many times.


Email Reading

Ruby communicated very quickly and in a lovely friendly manner. She quoted 7 days to produce the reading, but she had it done a lot quicker than that. Her reading was scarily accurate - it was like she knew me far too well!


Absolutely brilliant!! From just giving numbers & then producing 3 page outcome was overwhelming thank you

Toni D

I felt that Ruby was at a disadvantage before we started as we are friends and some things were known amongst our circle of friends however the read covered things that hadn't been disclosed and the outcome although correct wasn't given as a prediction and left room to draw my own conclusion and act on information given in a way that suited me overall very impressed and definitely would use again.


Thank you Ruby, I can’t believe how spot on a lot of that is and I look forward to a proper reading to face to face.


Had my first reading at Wickham festival! She had me down to a tee! So a few months later I went to her home for an hour reading this time! She was very welcoming and is a lovely lady!! All the things she was telling me was like she knew me for years and knew my life!! Was blown away, definitely will be back to see her again soon xx


Ruby has always been amazing and so accurate for me!! Such a friendly lady, with complete love and compassion. She has brought me comfort and told me things I knew but hadn't necessarily wanted to hear. She is honest and I can not recommend her enough!

Jennifer Whitear

Ruby is so skilled at interpreting the cards. I have seen her 3 times over the last 5 years and she has been spot on every time. She is also a lovely lady. Thank you Ruby

Lucy P, Gosport

Genuine & heartfelt readings, wouldn't go to anyone else for tarot readings. Ruby Tarot you're amazing - thank you for all the readings you've done for me. Always comforting xx

Lucy Crascall

What a lovely lady! This was my first experience of tarot, I went in with an open mind and came out mind blown. I will be recommending you to everyone. Thank's Ruby x

Dan Hockham

Made me feel totally at ease and couldn't believe how accurate my reading was. Thank you so much for your kindness and professionalism.

Kimberley Redman